Picking Good eToro Traders to Copy

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Picking good traders to copy at eToro is vital.

In a conversation I had recently with a costumer about eToro, among other things he told me about the big returns he had in his first 2 weeks.

I believe that my reply on this matter can benefit everyone:

I would like to bring to your notice that so far this is a very good month, but it will not be always like this.

I monitor the traders that I proposed to you for a very long time and I’m confident that in the long run they will keep bringing profits.
I know that at some point they will do some bad trades as no-one can always be right.
What really matters in this “game” is if their gains will be bigger than their loses after a year or more.

I wish I had someone to guide me when I started like I’m guiding you now. I learned to distinguish good from bad traders the hard way.
Probably, in the future, you will want to look for other traders to copy. Always look for traders that have stats for a full year. Their line of growth should be as steady as possible. Avoid those that have big ups and downs. Also check what people are saying about them at their profiles. It their copiers are not happy, it might not be a good idea to copy them. Monitor them for at least a month. Be patient, the more time you monitor them, the better your decision about copying them or not will be.

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