Mobile Marketing – a huge market with huge potential

Mobile Marketing exists since people started exchanging SMS messages. In our days mobile marketing is based on the fact that we can have access to the internet anytime via our smartphones. I believe that Smartphone Marketing is a more accurate term.

Mobile Marketing

As we can read at Wikipedia, academic Andreas Kaplan defines mobile marketing as “any marketing activity conducted through a ubiquitous network to which consumers are constantly connected using a personal mobile device”.

For people that make money online, I would say that mobile marketing is a form of internet marketing with paid traffic.

Almost every internet traffic seller, sells traffic that comes from mobile users like you and me. For example, every time you check Facebook, Facebook sells you to advertisers as a mobile user. Every time you search something on Google via your smartphone, Google does the same.

This market is huge. To get an idea, Facebook is reporting that most of their revenue comes from mobile advertising via their smartphone App. There are hundreds of companies out there, selling traffic from smartphone users. You will need to learn from where to buy traffic and what to sell and how. You will also need a guide that keeps up with the new technologies and possibilities.

I believe that “The Dojo” is the way for learning Smartphone Marketing. Also mention HERE for learning about Paid Traffic for Internet Marketing. The Dojo is a private forum that has a huge section on Mobile Marketing. It is frequently updated with new guides and tools that you will not find anywhere else. Also with “The Dojo” you are never alone. Admins and other members are always there to answer your questions.

Mobile Marking is not something new anymore. Nevertheless, it has huge potential for those that dig into it and keep up with the new possibilities that the traffic sellers frequently offer.

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