FAP Turbo Testing and Review Postponed

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Week 4 of the FAP Turbo testing started with major loses. This made me think that testing the robot in the current situation of the European economy is unfair. If I was not testing, I would have deactivated the robot anyway, because right now the markets go up and down like a roller-coaster and I just can’t leave hard decisions to a machine that obviously it is not capable to make. Read more

FAP Turbo testing week 3

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Week 3 was really bad (all trades are below). FAP Turbo lost all the earnings of the previous week and around 10 euros of the earnings of the first week. It made 25 profitable trades and 4 huge losing trades. Nevertheless, the robot is profitable since the beginning of this test. Read more

FAP Turbo testing week 2

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Below you can see the 2nd week of the FAP Turbo testing. It made 22 successful trades and 2 losing trades. One of the losing trades was huge. Nevertheless, this week was profitable. Read more

FAP Turbo testing day 1 and 2 (week 1)

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A/C No: ****** Name: Charalampos Kapetanios 2012 May 31, 22:00
Closed Transactions:
Open Time Type Size Item Price Close Time Price R/O Swap Trade P/L
 2012.05.30 21:30 buy 0.18 eurusd 1.23684  2012.05.30 23:25 1.23750 -0.07 9.60
 2012.05.30 23:25 sell 0.17 eurusd 1.23751  2012.05.30 23:43 1.23685 0.00 9.07
 2012.05.30 23:43 buy 0.17 eurusd 1.23668  2012.05.31 00:45 1.23733 0.00 8.93
-0.07 27.60
Deposit/Withdrawal: 0.00 Credit Facility: 0.00 Closed Trade P/L: 27.53
Previous Ledger Balance: 2 964.80
Closed Trade P/L: 27.53
Deposit/Withdrawal: 0.00
Balance: 2 992.33

Read more

FAP Turbo Review coming up soon

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I decided to test FAP Turbo with a 3000 euros capital and I will soon post a review here.

FAP Turbo sold over 55.000 copies (via clickbank) so far, making it one of the best-selling money making software out there. I made a research on Google about it and I found many good reviews and few bad ones.

FAP Turbo is a FOREX Robot, trading the forex market automatically to make you a profit. It works as an Expert Advisor on the Metatrader 4 platform, completely hands free.

FAP Turbo settings are a major issue. At least this is what I understood from my Google research and maybe those that gave bad reviews had bad settings on their forex robots.

While I was researching I came across the FAP Turbo Expert Guide. This is an online guide from experts that trade the forex market using this robot.

So, I’m crossing my fingers and I hope that soon I will have a good review for the FAP Turbo with the setting I get from the FAP Turbo Expert Guide.

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