AdHitProfits review part 2– it’s just another Ponzi scam

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In part 2 of this AdHitProfits review, I publish the e-mails I exchanged with Ms. M
Ms. M contact me about AdHitProfits right after I accepted her contact request in a social network.

She is a common example of people that will not admit that they did a wrong choice no matter what. Facts and common sense mean nothing to her. She is so committed to make money with this scam that she will say anything in order to drive more people in this Ponzi. Read more

AdHitProfits review part 1– it’s NOT an investment opportunity

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I knew I had to do an AdHitProfits review after I received many messages about this Ponzi. Instead of posting a standard AdHitprofits review, I believe that it is much better to post the e-mails I exchanged with 2 people, totally different in the way they approach things.

I will call the first person “Mr. B”.
I know Mr. B from referring him to eToro. He is very new to investing money online. Read more

GDI – Global Domains International review

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Global Domains International (GDI) is a website domain name registrar that specializes at .ws domain names.

I’ve been a member of GDI for many years and I made some money with their MLM referral/affiliate program.

Their MLM program is one of the Read more

About the home business niche

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There are two good reasons to stay away from the home business niche.

1. It has way too much competition. And there is a reason for this. Almost every info product about starting a home business has an affiliate program and will encourage you to participate and make money with it. This is just a way for the creator of the product to multiply his/her earnings. Don’t fall to this “trap”. There are way too many info products about starting a home business out there and too many people registered to their affiliate programs. Use the info you learned for any other niche market. Read more

100 Percent Winners Review – Arbitrage Betting Software

This honest 100 Percent Winners review is the first review I do for a software I bought for arbitraging. I chose it mainly because it had a great sales page and great affiliate commissions and I knew that if it was working properly, I could sell it easily for extra profit. Read more

Auto Profit Machine Review

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This is an old review about the first version of the Auto Profit Machine. The second version is basically the same and there is no real need for a new review…

Lately there is a lot of Buzz around Auto Profit Machine, so I went ahead to see what is the buzz all about. Read more

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