AdHitProfits review part 2– it’s just another Ponzi scam

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In part 2 of this AdHitProfits review, I publish the e-mails I exchanged with Ms. M
Ms. M contact me about AdHitProfits right after I accepted her contact request in a social network.

She is a common example of people that will not admit that they did a wrong choice no matter what. Facts and common sense mean nothing to her. She is so committed to make money with this scam that she will say anything in order to drive more people in this Ponzi.

AdHitProfits Review scam

Anyway, here are the e-mails:

Ms. M

Thank you for accepting my connection request.

I guess we all have some sort of business to share, so if you would be open to that I have a quite unique, REALLY low risk business opportunity which is really new. Would you open to that?

I promise I am not exaggerating.

Look forward to your reply.

have a great rest of week,

Ms. M

At this point it is obvious by her signature, that this “low risk business opportunity” she is promising that she is not “exaggerating” about, is AdHitProfits.


Hello Ms. M,

would that be adhitprofits?

Ms. M

Yeah actually it would :-) already a member?


well, a guy I recently referred to a legit investment program contact me about adhitprofits. He was very excited because he was paid once so he mailed me about this “opportunity”.

He is very new to this “make money online” industry and he is not aware about the many pitfalls around. Ponzis and Pyramids are just one of those pitfalls.

Here is the message I send him:

Read AdHitProfits review part 1

Ms. M, if you want to invest money in something legitimate, sign up for my mails at

Ms. M

Hi Thanks, Actually this one is not a Ponzi and we know the owner and it’s legit, but thanks for the warning. I already got way way more than my investment and his setup is made in a way that nothing is promised like a certain percentage daily or so but works with actual real money. If everyone decides to take out all their money at once the business would just continue as certified by a compliance officer. I have also been burnt in Profitclicking and others and I was very careful on choosing this one, and it is working really nicely.


Ms. M, just because you got in early and you are in profit it doesn’t mean that this is not a Ponzi. Also, just because you and others know the admin, it doesn’t mean that it is not a Ponzi. It is a Ponzi because the money you (and others) make come from those that got in after you and paid. Eventually, people will stop coming in and those that got in last will lose their money and this Ponzi will die like so many others before it.

“Profit sharing” Ponzis like this one are not something new. They claim to be legal just because they do not promise that you will earn. They are straight that you earn only when new people come in and they do not promise that you will get your money back. They also claim that they are selling something (in this case advertising) and that the money you pay are for that “something” when the reality is that those money are for buying “shares” and paying the existing “shareholders” and the admin. Obviously the advertising you buy there is way too expensive and ineffective. Another thing that is very common (and disturbing) between this kind of websites is that they advertise each other at their front page. Just take a look at the front page of AdHitProfits. Way too many similar Ponzis, many HYIPs and other obvious scams are advertised there. What kind of legit website would advertise obvious scams at the front page? There is no excuse for this.

I remember a Ponzi just like that about 5 years ago. I knew the admin and she told me when it would go live, so I waited in front of my PC and when it opened, I through some big money in and I got a huge return. Of course I did not reinvest as I knew that the Ponzi would die sooner or later and eventually it died. I believe that the best thing you can do, is to do exactly what I did. Keep your capital and earnings away form that website because you never know when it will stop paying.

If you are serious about making money online, sooner or later you will realize that this kind of websites are just a game that will get you nowhere. You will make some, you will lose some but you will never have a real business that will be giving you a real income. If you want to move forward you have to change the way look at “making money online”.

Since you are in the mood to invest money, you should really sign up for my e-mails. You have nothing to lose to take a look and you can unsubscribe with a single click.

Also take a look at my website at
I do not update it often because I’m too busy with the things I do online but you will find some solid info that will give you new perspective about approaching online home businesses.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Charalampos Kapetanios

Ms. M

I have all this data, and trust me I did my research too before I signed up. But I do not need to discuss if it is a Ponsi or not with you. I have my own things going online and working together with my husband building our list and very successfully. Maybe someday you will have a better look at adhits

Amazing! She says she has all this data because she did her “research” and yet she prefers to ignore everything! I wonder what kind of research was that and I wonder what kind of list she and her husband are building “successfully”. Let me give you a heads up. When you promote this kind of scams to your list and to total strangers, you are not building anything successfully. Those that know will stay away from you and those that will eventually lose their money will never trust you again.
Ms. M is wasting her time and maybe her money and she is also wasting other peoples time and money.

By the way I just checked if the Site Advisor of my antivirus has a review on AdHitProfits and this is what I found:

AdHitProfits Review by McAfee Site Advisor

Apparently AdHitProfits didn’t avoid McAfees radar and they are marked by the Site Advisor in the way they deserve.


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