Picking Good eToro Traders to Copy

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Picking good traders to copy at eToro is vital.

In a conversation I had recently with a costumer about eToro, among other things he told me about the big returns he had in his first 2 weeks.

I believe that my reply on this matter can benefit everyone: Read more

AdHitProfits review part 2– it’s just another Ponzi scam

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In part 2 of this AdHitProfits review, I publish the e-mails I exchanged with Ms. M
Ms. M contact me about AdHitProfits right after I accepted her contact request in a social network.

She is a common example of people that will not admit that they did a wrong choice no matter what. Facts and common sense mean nothing to her. She is so committed to make money with this scam that she will say anything in order to drive more people in this Ponzi. Read more

AdHitProfits review part 1– it’s NOT an investment opportunity

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I knew I had to do an AdHitProfits review after I received many messages about this Ponzi. Instead of posting a standard AdHitprofits review, I believe that it is much better to post the e-mails I exchanged with 2 people, totally different in the way they approach things.

I will call the first person “Mr. B”.
I know Mr. B from referring him to eToro. He is very new to investing money online. Read more

25,7% on May at eToro

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May was great at eToro.

The traders I recommend had a very good month with an average return of 25,7%

Those are the results of the Traders: Read more

The Clear Effects of Chatwing Chatroom to Any Website and Starting a Business

Few days ago, I discovered a simple website application known as Chatwing. It is now generating a strong buzz in the World Wide Web, so I had to peak and check it out. The Chatwing website looks hip and trendy. From there, you can now see the default appearance of the chatbox. I know there’s more, so I registered. Read more

Understanding Risks Associated with Forex Trading

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Every investment opportunity presents itself as the the main instrument for great gains. There is no investment vehicle, however, that does not have its fair share of financial risk in addition to the possibility of fiscal gain. It is a known fact that the higher the possibility of gain, the higher the risk. This is why the risks associated with forex trading are considered to be very high despite the possibility of profiting large sums of money. Read more

GDI – Global Domains International review

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Global Domains International (GDI) is a website domain name registrar that specializes at .ws domain names.

I’ve been a member of GDI for many years and I made some money with their MLM referral/affiliate program.

Their MLM program is one of the Read more

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